“And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” -T.S. Eliot

Welcome. You have arrived.

Expressing the Invisible

A painter moves a brush and paints colour onto canvas.

We let feelings find voice and craft sound onto silence.


sacred world music, kirtan & chanting

The DreamCraft inspired music ensemble includes bassist Gordon Sacolax, soprano Diana Varela (Montreal Symphony Orchestra & others), singer/guitarist Sim, and other musical artist guests with diverse backgrounds and styles.

We have enjoyed sharing heartfelt music and crafting songs for over 5 decades combined, blending world, folk, and mainstream influences with musical inspirations downloaded from dreams. Our compositions have been shared in hundreds of concerts, and aired on many hundreds of radio stations, videos, and TV soundtracks.

Aside from being singer and guitarist, Sim is an author on music and creativity. His new book, The Dreams Behind the Music reveals little-known dreams that inspired dozens of Grammy wins and other tremendous success for over 200 artists, highlighting universal principles and techniques that anyone can learn to harvest their own dreams for significant breakthroughs. His experience as a dream analyst, consciousness researcher, and inventor has helped him develop a strong public presence. He has had the privilege to be invited for over 1000 media appearances, presentations, and performances at international festivals, conferences, benefit concerts, and other events as a multimedia artist doing innovative interactive shows and performances. He has served numerous humanitarian and environmental causes and performed/presented at benefit events for over 3 decades.